With Art, Poetry, Thoughts & Belivefs


My Name is Faith McNulty, 🙂
Welcome to My Takes on Faith.

I hope my writings here will inspire, intrigue and hopefully entertain you.
I will be writing mostly on my personal take, of current events, and in the world “views” as to our past,present and possible futures.

As I am not a writer by profession, please excuse my grammar and such, hopefully you can still understand my writing. I will also be including Art Works and Song Lyrics I created years ago.

I have chosen to title it Site4Faith for 4 reasons. Firstly because my name is Faith, Secondly because Any Opinion is a disposition of faith as to weather you agree with its precepts or not.Thirdly because I am representing no single organized religion or sect here only my assessments of my faith. And fourthly because Faith is almost always described as a “creative force” with substance, and necessary for any true creative spark or a thoughts fulfillment.

I think were all born with a form of it (the ability to believe and trust in someone besides our self) as a infant we trusted and believed with out question with a true faith and sincerity in our parents. Then all to soon the tainted world corrupts our faiths.

I am sure my upbringing had a lot to do with my opinions, and possible misgivings. I will be open to discussing them here. We can agree to disagree and still be friends who knows maybe we will convert each others ideas in to a larger truth for all to ponder :).

I also will be slowly publishing some poetry I wrote years ago and Art Works of mine. I hope you enjoy looking around this little site, as you keep the Faith in your heart and mind.

Wordle: YAHsBoard


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