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Question of Thought

Here is another Poem from my past I wrote in highland park California years ago.

Question of Thought

Deep is the Mind,Infinite is Space.
How then are we to grasp the origin
of our Souls,are they just left, to
destiny.When, we shall know all that
was to be? It doesn’t seem so to me.

Subjected to our minds,heart and soul
if you will.Logic’s not our friend and
emotions only a companion through the
wheel of time. Impressed by life’s
illusions we believe were body bound.

Heaven to my mind,is freedom and all
knowledge.When we can grasp,all we now
do not understand.God’s Hows & Whys of

What is the Mistake Man keeps making.
Is True Knowledge our Destiny.Will we
progress,and grow so by the end of time
will we know?

In the end of this phase if prayer holds
true, I hope we will have learned how to
continue, with all God has planed for

A single thought. If we could only,
combine his thought with our actions
, maybe we would have all our Questions
answered for ever.

DeDe (AKA) Faith McNulty

© 10/16/79 Faith McNulty


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