With Art, Poetry, Thoughts & Belivefs


My name is Faith McNulty born Oct 16th 1957
I currently live in Eugene Oregon USA.
Parent of 5 and grand parent of 3 with one more on the way 🙂

I have been able to draw since as far back as I can remember. But this using a mouse instead of a brush or pen is odd to get use to. I hope they are not so bad as to make you not like them. I should get better as I learn to use the new digital art programs like Photoshop and Illustrator.

As for my Song Poems I hope you get something out of reading them. You being Inspired would be my first hope.

Beliefs are shared and expounded on here in hopes of learning more threw any and all feedback, and just for the plain wish to share.

On that note please continue on exploring the site, and know, I truly hope you Enjoy it.


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