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Say Yes to YAH

I give this my highest ratting It's Awesome !
Open it up to full screen and enjoy !


Open Prayer YAHmen

Oh YAHWEH, our creative heavenly father…
Come and take us, threw your way, home.
To be with you, in your loving presence forever.

Let us breath in your spirit, in relief of…
our tears. To inhale your awesome wonder,
learning to know how, to be your beloved children.

Correct our ways, as our loving father,forgive…
our misunderstanding and grant us understanding
so we can make you happy with us once again.

We thank you for your awesome sacrifice for us…
forgiving our sins, correcting our adolescent,
miss-behave-your,and restoring our lives.

Guide us to your truths, writing your…
instructions in our minds. And writing your
intentions, in our hearts forever !


Just a Pondering

I am Just Pondering some things…..Like

An ” Omnipresent ” Creator as close as our breath, within us all.
Experiencing Us, only as we can learn to conceive good and all it entails.

Personally providing an answer to every question the salvation to every name.
Deeper than the either between the atoms, such glory his galaxies proclaim.

No separate gender, no no endearing claim, Love is the only lasting cosmic flame.
Riches to love instead, to ease the mind, We find they do not, in the space of time.

Salvation By Grace threw Faith, in no other, with love given to understanding,
that the he Creator’s not Ours Alone, doing, marvelous things for all his loved ones.

Knowing all thoughts, and intents of the heart, Believing in us All As One, was the Start.
Then Doubt snuck in, with hate and fear, we started believing the lie, that he’s not near.

Your not alone, neither am I, for this love, we’ve but to try, and reach out to one another.
A smile, a prayer, seem worth far more from someone aware, that love Alone is honest and fair.

Priorities set in stone, in ages long ago, to bring his beloved children back home, to his thrown.
The Truth reveals the Lie We can not “Become” what we came from, nor create the sun or sky that was the first lie.

Mater does Not create Mater, which matters a great deal, as you see the missing link, is Not real.
A reflection of the creators image we take, when in love we procreate, a new creation of his intent.

What so ever (you) we believe, shall be done unto (you) us all, by what we think and speak in to being.
May we be ready as a species, to grasp, the implications & responsibility, of this love filled gift of Believing.

Of such are my Ponderings.

© Faith McNulty Jan,2012

Question of Thought

Here is another Poem from my past I wrote in highland park California years ago.

Question of Thought

Deep is the Mind,Infinite is Space.
How then are we to grasp the origin
of our Souls,are they just left, to
destiny.When, we shall know all that
was to be? It doesn’t seem so to me.

Subjected to our minds,heart and soul
if you will.Logic’s not our friend and
emotions only a companion through the
wheel of time. Impressed by life’s
illusions we believe were body bound.

Heaven to my mind,is freedom and all
knowledge.When we can grasp,all we now
do not understand.God’s Hows & Whys of

What is the Mistake Man keeps making.
Is True Knowledge our Destiny.Will we
progress,and grow so by the end of time
will we know?

In the end of this phase if prayer holds
true, I hope we will have learned how to
continue, with all God has planed for

A single thought. If we could only,
combine his thought with our actions
, maybe we would have all our Questions
answered for ever.

DeDe (AKA) Faith McNulty

© 10/16/79 Faith McNulty

Consider the Tests

This is a test post to show the planed categories for the site.
As I work out my outline for the site I am reminded of our daily tests.

I have heard it said life is just a test. Usually they say the test is, to see if we will be good or will act in a certain manner. This being true we all should be spending a lot more time learning the questions.

Which reminds me of an old song-poem, I wrote years ago, I will add it here as post to fill out my Categories menus. (see Below 🙂

Wisdom’s Questions

Verse #1.

Do you know where your leading your life, or are you letting your life lead you ?

Verse #2.

The Truth will set you free is what was said to me with the whisper of sincerity.

Verse #3.

Are you being where you are, or are you being where you’ve been ?


As Wisdom cries and understanding speaks, with the questions asked.

      The answers to her questions shall touch us all !

Ask, you may, Understand, you might, But Answer, you Must !


Verse #4.
Hasn’t what you have, taken the place of what you once had ?

Verse #5.
The height of any inspiration, is only as large as You let it be,
if you control your own destiny.

Verse #6.
The way of inspiration can be yours, aspirations fulfilled is your
reality if you will it to be.


If it is Not that you can’t, You Don’t. and
If it is Not that you couldn’t you Won’t


Verse #7.
Stop being afraid of changes they must come, it’s up to you to,
change the course to a better day.

Verse #8.
Dreamers Dream, the World is yours to control, if you use the power in your soul !

Verse #9.
Believing You can, you Could, Knowing you Should, with Wisdom you would.

Verse #10.
Oh Ships far Greater have crashed, and Spirits grown Cold Denying the Questions asked.

…….( go Back to BRIDGE. and add one more CHORUS and End )
Sound Style; Funk Jazz Fusion.song poem #10.

© Faith McNulty 12/29/83 threw 2012 (Note; Married name was Miller at the time.)

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