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Songs & Poetry

Song-Poem #6
Uptempo Funk Fusion Gospel
© Dec 10th 1984


    verse 1.

  • Love is everything.
  • Faith is never seen,
  • nor held by Human Charms.

    verse 2.

  • Love has everything.
  • Out of it were made the Stars,
  • Which shine not indoors.

    verse 3.

  • Love’s the way Death was conquered,
  • Once for all imparted, now there’s no way,
  • it will ever be restarted.


  • If you find it, Don’t Let It Go, it’s power’s ages old.
  • No don’t turn away, Love is here to stay,
  • Unbroken by the brightest light of day.


  • verse 4.

  • Love the Strongest Lasting potion,
  • not just a mere notion.
  • encase it safely in devotion.

    verse 5.

  • Loves best is for you,
  • just take it by the hand, and fallow
  • loves plan, you’ll stand before no mortal man.

    verse 6.

  • Love holds not fear,
  • Love will see you clear,
  • threw any and all tribulations.


  • Cause if you give it, you’ll get it back,and with it you’ll Never Lack.
  • Love is stronger than the Mountains, Deeper than the sea…….
  • BACK to CHORUS and End.

© 1984-eturnity by Faith McNulty


Comments on: "Songs & Poetry" (1)

  1. 1984 oops showing my age LOL

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