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Times View

Life in time over grows, the views, I used to see.
and try’s to cover, what was relieved, to me, when again that view I see.

Memory’s views are tricky things, some are better left UN-seen.
some are far to dear, to never be viewed again, and so we hold them near.

Outer-space Inner-space, we all have a view, & what we see, to us alone seams true.
For fear of reticule, we don’t show or share, our views, nor easily except others views as true.

The more I view, the more I see, I still don’t get, what I am viewing, as time takes it from me.
The more I share my views, the more clearly focused they become, and they return to me redone.

A Viewers Blessings is on us all bestowed, to view the the procession of the cosmic goal.
And threw attentiveness, to know, the path now covered, and so, the vision behold.

© Jan 20th 2012 Faith McNulty

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