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Bible Read Out Loud !

I would like to tell you about a New UTube Chanel where the entire Scriptures are Read Out loud online 🙂 I have been looking for such, for a while. This is the first I have seen.
(with no extra dogma added) its a real Good Job !!.
Now I can send

readers to listen and hopefully they will like it to!

Faith Comes by Hearing

Faith Comes by Hearing

I know there are a lot of people who will listen much more often, than stopping and reading !

I have been looking foe this for so long, I had almost given up ! Bless them for such a grand effort. I imagine the creator of the universes, is pleased to.

Now even the illiterate can here the Word !

I hope you Bookmark it use it often and enjoy it a lot 🙂

Faith Comes by Hearing



Oh YAH I Hope

Oh YAH.! they teach their children, the ways of War ! In songs of hate ! With beliefs that destroy and not that heal.

To Control the World is their religions goal, threw lies and infiltration, they set out to conquer other nations.

Political Leaders have gone the way of Lawlessness, so the nations are not innocent, yet are unaware of their reasons to hate us.

They declare War and Death on all who will not submit to there insane man made rules. Rules out side your Law and Name.

Believing there god needs and wants them to Kill for him, in his name, under his banner, of war, on Your world.

So ingrained a hatred after festering for so long, won’t easily be healed, if at all, not on it’s own.

I hope you can make them to understand, Your way’s are not of war or hatred But of Love and compassion for mankind, of every nation.

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